Application for Direct Enrolment as a Private candidate at the HSC Examination of March 2020.
Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education,
Division Board
1) Full Name:
( Surname ) ( Name ) (Fathers/Husbands name) ( Mothers Name )
Adhaar Number:
(Enter 12 Digit Aadhar Number )    
2)Residential Address:
District:   Taluka:   
State   Pin Code:    
Mobile NO:   Email    
3) Date of birth according to Christian Era :
Village/Town of birth:
Taluka of birth:
District of birth:
4)Year and month of passing S.S.C Exam
Month   Year  
5) Name of the Examination Borad or university:
Other Board
6)Date of leaving the last attened secondary school:
(As on School leaving certificate DD/MM/YYYY)  
7) Date of leaving the last attended Junior college :
(As on College leaving certificate)  
8) Gender :
9) I would like to apper in :
10)Name of last attended recognised Secondary School :


Udise Number:     

Index No :        
11)Name of last attended recognised junior college :



Udise Number: 

Index No :    

12) The month and Year of passing 1st year of junior college Examination :
Month :    Year:    Status:   
13)Select college where you want to submit application.
District:   Taluka:   Stream:   Medium:  
Select College Name:   Cindex:
14)I here by declare that I have not been debarred from appearing at any of the examinations held by any examination board or university in india or by any other examination authority.
15) I enclose documents below:
A) Original Secondary School Certificate and Marksheet(s).
B) Junior college Leaving Certificate.
C) Original School Leaving Certificate.